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Degree in Culinary Arts

Degree in Culinary Arts

Global Skill Education offers a three year degree in Culinary Arts from UGC approved University.

A degree in Culinary Arts typically provides students with a comprehensive education in various aspects of food preparation, culinary techniques, kitchen management, and the culinary industry. Here’s what you might expect from a degree program in Culinary Arts with GSE:

Any 10+2 Student from any recognized board can pursue Degree in Culinary Arts Degree and the duration of the program is Three Years in our institution.

The program would likely cover fundamental culinary techniques and skills such as knife skills, food preparation, cooking methods, baking, pastry making, and menu planning.

Students would learn about food safety regulations, proper handling of food, sanitation practices in the kitchen, and techniques to prevent foodborne illnesses.

The curriculum may include courses on culinary theory, food science, nutrition, flavor profiles, culinary history, and culinary traditions from different cultures.


Students may also learn about culinary arts management topics such as kitchen operations, inventory management, cost control, menu development, and restaurant management.

Hands-on experience is often a crucial component of culinary arts programs. Students may have the opportunity to work in professional kitchens, participate in internships or externships, and gain practical experience in various culinary settings.


Some programs offer specialization areas within the culinary arts field, such as pastry arts, baking, international cuisine, fine dining, or sustainable cooking.

Reputable culinary arts programs often have strong connections with the culinary industry, including partnerships with restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering companies, and other foodservice establishments. These connections can provide students with networking opportunities, internships, and job placement assistance.

The program may offer resources and support for students’ professional development, such as career counseling, resume building, interview preparation, and networking events within the culinary industry.


Given the diverse nature of culinary arts, some programs may also emphasize a global perspective, exposing students to international cuisines, culinary traditions from different cultures, and global culinary trends.

*Overall, a degree program in Culinary Arts with GSE provides students with a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, industry experience, and professional development opportunities to prepare them for careers in the culinary industry.